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Our products are not for sale or use on any pollution controlled

vehicle in the United States



What separates us from the pack

    • Highest level of tuner undetectability available

    • Our Phalanx console requires NO drilling and tapping the exhaust manifold to monitor Pre-Turbo EGT, meaning no unrepairable hole in the manifold to alert
      a dealer technician.

    • No tapping/splitting factory wires for off-road use, meaning no unhideable harness damage from tap splices or soldering.

    • Our Phalanx console comes equipped with a mount that requires no drilling or screwing to the dash or interior panels for a hole-free install that will not
      put a factory technician on high-alert for aftermarket modifications.

    • The Phalanx console requires ONLY to be plugged into the diagnostic port underneath the dash for both tuning and monitoring functions. No holes
      to be drilled in the firewall and no wiring to the engine compartment needed, eliminating another potential sign of modification.

    • All off-road pipes and hardware are fully bolt-on, making removal and return-to-stock quick and easy. No permanent modifications such as cutting
      or welding are required, only basic hand tools.

    • Our Phalanx console does not have to be plugged in for our tuning to function; programs can be downloaded and the device unplugged and removed in the same manner as a typical handheld device. This eliminates the need to "return-to-stock" for routine oil changes or maintenance visits.

    • Most importantly, we take every precaution to ensure our products are safe to use for their intended applications- meaning less problematic vehicles and elimination of senselessly broken parts. A healthy truck requires no visits to the dealer for service by nature; supporting the addage "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure".


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